Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black + Tip Adapter


HZRDUS Smoke Black is the next generation HZRDUS. Featuring a low-spin and low-launch profile that maintains the HZRDUS reputation, Smoke Black is designed for today’s aggressive swingers while providing new optimized material placement to promote an improved feel an increase in playability.

 Weight           TIp          Torque           Traj   
     60R          .335           4.0                 Low
     60S          .335           3.5                 Low
     70R          .335           4.0                 Low
     70S          .335           3.5                 Low

We will install adapter and trimmed it to 44.25" finished length which, when after accounting for the grip and driver head, generally equates to approximately 45.5" actual playing length. Playing length may vary slightly based on the specific model.  DOES NOT INCLUDED A GRIP 

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